Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities


In order to give SSQ’s clients the best possible service that combines quality, efficiency and effectiveness, SSQ is equipped with the following types of equipment:

  • Prime movers and semi-trailer water tankers all with rear sprays up to 25,000L capacity
  • Vacuum trucks and tankers from 5000L to 23,000L capacity and all capable of Vacuum excavation will ensure you get the right machine for your job
  • Potable water trucks and tankers with capacity ranging from 5,000L to 25,000L
  • Underground Locating equipment and certified personnel
  • A range of small plant utilities including generators and four wheel drives
  • Water transfer pumps
  • Wash down trailers
  • Excavators, Skid steers, Tipper trucks
  • Mechanical Service Vehicles
  • Tri axle Float, Drop deck and Tilt Trays
  • Solar Farm Pile Driving and pile extraction equipment
  • Waste management front lift and skip bins


Comprehensive facilities have allowed SSQ to serve numerous clients in Oil and Gas, Energy, Mining and Civil Construction on major projects across Queensland, NSW, SA and Victoria.

To date, SSQ has successfully executed the following projects:

  • Water storage tank and pipeline installations
  • Total waste management solutions for construction projects
  • Technical industrial cleaning services at gas plants and field operations
  • Solar farm pile installations and Geo-tech investigations
  • Pipeline subsidence rectification works
  • Live underground services locating and exposure works
  • Environmental services for spill containment and disposal of contaminated soils and fluids
  • Pond and Dam de-silting
  • Drilling rig support services, water tankers and vacuum loading services for fluid and water removal.
  • Industrial Hydro- excavation in order to excavate holes in sensitive environments
  • Underground locating and mapping of buried services in hazardous environments
  • Air Excavation
  • Solids/Fluids separation
  • De-watering regulated storage ponds and transporting to treatment facility
  • Support services for construction camps
  • Total drinking water solutions for construction projects and remote camps
  • Complete waste management solutions for large projects in remote locations