Speciality Services Queensland (SSQ) was established in 2007 with its head office located in Chinchilla where SSQ provides transport and environmental management solutions to businesses operating in the Darling Downs and Surat Basin regions. Our clientele in Queensland comprises small to large scale companies in mining, civil construction, engineering and oil & gas. Interstate, SSQ have offices in NSW, SA and Victoria.


SSQ believes that its success is measured not just by the high quality equipment it utilises to provide its services, but more importantly, by its ability to build and maintain rewarding long-term business relationships with valued clients.

The key to achieving SSQ’s solid track record of satisfied clientele and acquiring new and continued business lies in its strong team of skilled staff who SSQ is dedicated to investing in. For the convenience of our clients and access to our services a majority of SSQ’s staff live in or have connections to the local community.

From the time our staff team commences their employment with SSQ, they all undergo fitness for work medicals and complete the same basic training and client inductions. Every new staff member is provided with an orientation programme to align themselves with the company’s service requirements and job criteria.

To ensure ongoing support and development SSQ provides its staff with opportunities to be mentored by more seasoned leaders or those who possess particular job strengths that will foster greater learning and experience.


From a business perspective, SSQ strives for continuous refinement of its work procedures. This includes performing regular reviews of its Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Risk Assessment to ensure the planning and completion of tasks are healthy and safe.

SSQ’s vision is to ensure that no one who undertakes projects or works with Speciality Services QLD is exposed to the potential of injury, which means our goal is ZERO INJURIES. SSQ has established appropriate objectives, targets and measures, to benchmark our progress toward this goal.

To realise the vision all leaders, employees and contractors must acknowledge and agree to work toward this goal. Everyone must believe that work related injuries and illnesses are preventable and that they do not happen simply through ‘bad luck’.

To support its Vision, SSQ has constructed a detailed WHS system that its clients have ranked well in audits. SSQ provides initial and on-going WHS training for staff so they are well-educated about hazards, risk assessing, and maintaining a high level of safety compliance.

SSQ maintains a strict policy on environmental compliance and has a no spill philosophy. Its processes and actions are designed with minimal environmental impact in mind. On site, waste and water removal is carried out adhering to strict guidelines.

The Business is covered by Public Liability Insurance, WorkCover and Comprehensive Vehicle insurance.

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